The Heartland team provides a comprehensive training workshop in various lengths and in-depth training modules for perinatal service providers including OBGYNS, physicians, pediatricians, case managers, nurses, social workers, counselors and therapists, advocates, and other front-line staff members in  hospitals and hospital systems and community organizations like shelters, city health systems, county health departments, community mental health centers, and clinics.

  • 60-90 minutes for staff lunch or happy hour $375 and $12/pp for workbook
  • Half day (four-hour training) $1200  $12/pp for workbook
  • Whole day training $2100 $12/pp for workbook
  • Consulting engagements $795

The Heartland team can go in-depth by assessing your department or practice in a specific area. We take you through a one-hour consultation during which you describe your current service delivery system and evaluate your current proficiency in the HEARTland Protocol and advise how to remediate the gaps. We then design a 2-hour module where we dive deep into that topic and help you form systems and processes to get that core component up to speed. This is followed up with a 6-month, 30-minute, post-engagement in-person or virtual check-in to see how you’ve progressed.

Interested in learning more, but not quite ready to commit? We offer free 30-minute overviews to practices, health systems, and other organizations at no cost.